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Locking Wheel Nut Removal



If you are looking for locking wheel nut removal services in Hemel Hempstead, contact the professionals at Ellis Autos Ltd

It is crucial to keep the locking wheel nut key in your car at all times as you will need this to remove the road wheels. The locking wheel nut key has a unique identity which matches the unique identity on the vehicles wheel studs or nuts.

Without this unique tool or key, you will not be able to remove the vehicle road wheels.  If you have a flat tyre or you just need a tyre replacement and you don’t have the locking wheel nut, you will not be able to remove the road wheel this will cause further issues and delay. You will also need the locking wheel nut key to carry out routine servicing and maintenance.

The best place to keep your locking wheel nut key is in your vehicles glove box because you never know when you may need it! You could experience a tyre puncture anywhere and at any time, and the locking wheel nut is always required in order to remove the wheel to change or repair the tyre.

If you have unfortunately lost your locking wheel nut, don’t panic! Give us a call and we will be sure to take the stress out of the problem.

We have invested heavily over the years in specialist tools and equipment to enable us to remove locking wheel nuts when the original unique key has been lost or damaged.

We haven’t been beaten yet and we regularly help out other local garages.

Contact Ellis Autos Ltd now for peace of mind on 01442 866 683