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The car battery is the source of all electrical power for your car. One of its main purposes is to store power for starting the engine. Batteries tend to let you down without much notice and there is nothing more inconvenient than your car not starting on a busy school or work day.

Your battery is most susceptible to failure in cold weather. If you notice any difficulty with starting during the winter months make sure to have your battery checked

At Ellis Autos Ltd our highly skilled technicians can carry out a Free of Charge Battery Check.

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Almost every motorist will experience a flat battery or a car that refuses to start at some point in their lives, leaving them at best late for work, or at worst stranded at the side of the road. The battery provides the power needed to run your car's electrical systems, as well as the power needed to get the car started in the first place.

With a little bit of car battery maintenance and some TLC, you can prolong the life of your car battery and keep it in tip-top condition, saving you time and money in the long run. If a battery does require replacement it is essential that the correct battery is fitted. On some later model vehicles, the battery will need to be fitted and coded to ensure that the battery and charging system will work correctly. Here is our list of the most common car battery problems.

Electrical equipment being left on without the engine running

Leaving the lights or another electrically powered component is the most common cause of discharging the battery. This is normally discovered the next time you try to start your vehicle. We know how inconvenient and infuriating this can be.

Cold weather

Freezing temperatures and batteries aren't the best of friends. Cold weather has a negative effect on the chemical reaction that takes place within batteries, which makes charging slower and can affect the initial reaction needed to get the engine started. If your batter goes flat due to the cold weather, most of the time the battery will need to be replaced.

Excessive loading

If your vehicle's battery power is in constant use or you regularly run things like travel DVD players or mini fridges from your car on weekends away, then you could be putting your car battery through excessive strain.

Corrosion or loose connections

If your car's battery isn't connected properly, then you could be danger of not only damaging your battery, but also the car itself.

Frequent short journeys/stop-start driving

Constantly turning off and then restarting your engine is an easy way to reduce its effectiveness over time. The extra strain of drawing up power to turn the engine over multiple times within a short period of time can shorten your batteries lifespan.

Alternator problems

The alternator charges your battery whilst the engine is running; if the alternator develops a fault this will have a major impact on the battery.

We have all the latest diagnostic equipment and our fully trained staff will repair or replace any battery efficiently and professionally, always remaining aware of all health and safety procedures.

Contact Ellis Autos Ltd now for peace of mind on 01442 866 683